Civil Service Employment Benefits

Lafayette Consolidated Government invites you to a Career in Public Service. Many have stated that working in government at the local, state or national level can be the most rewarding career for an individual.
The Lafayette Consolidated Government invites you to look us over when considering your future job choice. We offer a variety of positions from Accounting Clerk, Accountant, Fleet Mechanic, Electrician, Engineer, Programmer Analyst, Plant Instrument Mechanic, Plant Operators, and Office Personnel to Welders and various fields in between.
Most of our wages are competitive, but we offer a benefits package that is hard to beat!
  • Health Insurance: Major medical insurance (no lifetime maximum) for a low premium of $151.23 per pay check for family coverage and $17.73 for individual coverage..
  • Life Insurance: A free policy valued at twice your annual salary, up to $200,000.
  • Retirement Plan: Employees contribute 9.50% of their salary on a pre-tax basis while LCG contributes 19.75% to a retirement plan that pays 3% per year of service at retirement. Employees are vested at seven (7) years and are eligible for retirement with 25 years of service at any age; or 10 years of service at age 62.
  • Deferred Compensation: Besides your retirement plan, you may also contribute a minimum of $10 each payday up to a maximum of $16,500 per year of your gross salary. You can invest the money in one or more good investment vehicles and the money will grow tax deferred until retirement.
  • Annual Leave: Upon completion of six months of employment, employees begin earning paid annual leave at a rate of 8 hours per month for a total of 96 hours per year. The amount increases with each additional five years of service up to a maximum of 192 hours (24 days) with 20 years of service.
  • Sick Leave: Employees earn 96 hours of sick leave annually which is cumulative from year to year - the unused balance is carried forward to each succeeding calendar year.
  • Funeral Leave: Employees are granted paid leave for the death of a loved one - spouse, child, parents, grandparents, brother or sister.
  • Holidays: Employees receive 10 1/2 days of paid holidays throughout the year.
  • Cafeteria Plan: Employees may obtain supplemental insurance and financial services by having payroll deductions made before taxes, for the amount of your payments.