Supplementary Plans

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Supplementary Plans

PlanLafayette, the comprehensive plan, provides the policy basis for future plans at different scales, eg. neighborhood plans, small area plans, the Downtown Action Plan and other specific area plans. These plans will help to implement PlanLafayette and the overall vision for Lafayette in 2035.

Below are supplementary plans to PlanLafayette.


Small Area Plans

Small area plans and nodal plans, at varying densities, provide a set of localized best practice recommendations for development. This includes a series of design guidelines and site plans that conform to the vision and priorities set in PlanLafayette, the comprehensive plan.

Three Small Area Plans were previously developed through a charrette process during the development of PlanLafayette. They are as follows:

North Gateway



Final Report​

Oil Center

The Zoning Commission endorsed the Oil Center plan at a Special Meeting on Monday, July 23, 2018.

Please click here to view the plan.

Neighborhood Plans

Lafayette has a broad range of diverse neighborhoods that contribute to the parish’s community and residential character. As primary places of residence, neighborhoods and housing have a significant impact on residents’ daily activities and are the foundation of a safe, enjoyable community in which to live.

Neighborhood Plans provide more detailed plans for how neighborhoods within the parish will accommodate growth and change. PlanLafayette helps clarify how different aspects of the built environment, city systems, and government work together and determine the future growth pattern for the city.

The below written and land use plans provide insight into the visions that existing neighborhoods have for their areas. Planning Staff is currently developing a process for creating new neighborhoods along with the details of what that entails. Please contact the Planning Division of the Development and Planning Department for more information.​ 

Neighborhood Plans


Comb Veazey

Written Plan

Land Use Plan

Freetown-Port Rico

Written Plan

Land Use Pla

La Place

Written Plan

Land Use Plan

Additional Neighborhood Resources:

Neighborhood Planning Process - Developing a Neighborhood Plan​

Citizen Planner Handbook

Neighborhood Project Toolkit