Regulatory Compliance

Bayou Vermilion

The Regulatory Compliance Section ensures the Department of Public Works follows state and federal environmental regulations in the areas of

  • Asbestos and lead
  • Underground and aboveground storage tanks
  • Solid waste and hazardous materials
  • Environmental site assessments
  • Closed landfill permit compliance
  • Wetland documentation and permitting
  • LDEQ discharge permits procurement and compliance
  • Stormwater pollution prevention through good housekeeping policy development and trainings


Regulatory Compliance also administers the state issued Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit aimed at improving water quality throughout the Vermilion Watershed. The robust programs implemented to fulfill the MS4 permit requirements facilitate our ability to:


 If you have any questions, please contact Jackie Vargas-Beitia at (337) 291-8529 or email