Risk Management

Risk Management Division

Lafayette Consolidated Government owns its own insurance company with over $25 million in assets.  This insurance company is the Risk Management Division within the Office of Finance and Management.  Like all insurance companies, it has several sections that contribute to the financial stability of the self-insured funds while providing services to insure the well-being of LCG employees and the public alike.  These sections are the Property & Casualty Claims Section and the Safety/Loss Control Section.

Property & Casualty Claims Section

LCG is self-insured and self-administered for the following lines of coverage: auto and general liability, errors & omissions, and property.  Including premiums, their budget is approximately $7 million.

Another section within this division is the Workers’ Compensation section, which is self-insured and administered by Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI).

Safety/Loss Control Section

The Safety Section is responsible for identifying risks to LCG employees and property and making recommendations on eliminating, transferring, or insuring these risks.  The Section does this by reviewing all job-related injuries and vehicle accidents, facilitating safety meetings for all departments, conducting job site inspections, inspecting LCG property, and overseeing the Safety Award Program.