How to become a firefighter

1. Obtain a Civil Service application from one of the following: Online, Civil Service representative Angela Schexnayder [phone (337) 291-8762] at 705 W University  Street; the Fire Chief’s office at 300 E.Vermillion or; Louis F Babin Institute of Fire Training at 300 N Dugas Road; State Agencies – Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service; or call the State Examiner office at (225) 925-4567.
2. You must meet all the requested criteria of the application (Minimum age of 18, driver’s license, high school diploma or equivalent, voter registration card, etc.)
3. Upon scheduling a test date by the State Examiner, you must achieve a score of 75% on the combination written and oral examination. Books may be available at the Public Library to help you prepare.
4. When you achieve a successful score of 75% or above, you move to the second phase of the process called Physical Agility Testing. You must pass each module, which includes running, climbing, lifting, etc. A so-called agility test packet will be issued to you via the mail prior to the physical test date.
EXCEPTION: The applicant also has the option of testing in another city in Louisiana and having his or her written test score transferred to Lafayette. This information will be obtained when you call the State Examiner phone number listed above. In addition, a new application must be filled out and brought to Lafayette (to Ms. Schexnayder-listed above). When your score arrives in Lafayette the local Civil Service Board must approve the transfer. The application is then forwarded to the Fire Chief’s office and subsequently to the Training Chief’s office. The Training Chief will in-turn forward a letter and an agility test packet to your address listed on the application informing you when/where to report. At this point, the process will be identical to having tested in Lafayette.
5. Passing the physical agility test, you move to the interview phase of the process. A panel of Fire Officers will interview you on work history and background.
6. The final phase of this process places you on the Department’s eligibility roster. These scores will remain current for 18 months. This roster is where candidates are chosen for the Firefighter Academy, which is approximately 22 weeks long.
This division is primarily responsible for providing up-to-date, cost effective training to our new recruits utilizing skilled, safe instruction from Training Officers at our training center and to provide training to our veteran Firefighters keeping them at the top of their form.
Applicants that are hired must undergo approximately twenty-two weeks of training in the Department’s Firefighter Academy.
Emergency Operations personnel must meet standards of performance set by IFSAC and NFPA.
At present, all Firefighters are required to hold a Louisiana Firefighter I certification. This is accomplished through the Training Division.
For further information, use contact number (337) 291-5506.
Emergency Operations have three crews working shift work (24 hrs. on, 24 hrs. off, 24 on 24 off, 24 on, 4 days off). By utilizing these three crews we are able to provide our citizens with fire protection and medical emergency responses- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
For further information, use contact number (337) 291-8701.