Horse Adoption

Equine Adoption Agreement and Application

All horses in the possession of LASCC have come to their facility for numerous reasons. It is the mission of LASCC to allow these horses to live a good and healthy life with you for the remainder of the horse’s life. For these reasons, the LASCC EQUINE RESCUE/ADOPTION CONTRACT will detail all that is required of you as the adoptee.

Prior to adopting a horse from our facility, you must:

  1. Be willing to complete this pre-adoptive contract in its entirety in order to be considered to be an adoptive owner of a horse from LASCC.
  2. Agree to allow LASCC and/or its representatives to contact the appropriate individuals noted in this application in order to make an educated determination of these ownership requirements.
  3. Be willing to allow LASCC and/or its representatives to visit your facility where the horse will be housed prior to adoption in order to determine if you have met all ownership requirements.
  4. Pay the nonrefundable pre-adoptive fee of $25.00. (Should you be approved and do adopt a horse, this fee will be placed towards the total adoptive fee).


Horse Adoption Form