Commercial Building Permit

Commercial BuildingThis type of permit is required for almost every structure other than a single family dwelling, duplex, or structure associated with a single family dwelling. There are exemptions for permitting certain structures, such as: fences not over 7 feet high, a one story detached accessory building used as sheds 120 square feet or less, and retaining walls not over 4 feet and cosmetic work. Please note, this building must comply with all Zoning setback requirements & any other agency that may have concerns like Drainage & Traffic.

Persons moving into an existing space where no construction is required need not apply for a building permit. A certificate of occupancy can be applied for through the Zoning Division.

Commercial Plan Review Application.

Commercial Sewer Usage Guidelines

An example of the Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), as well as State Construction Storm Water Requirements and blank copies of the Notice of Termination, and Notice of Intent are available for your review prior to submitting your Commercial Plan packet to the PZD office.

Any questions concerning the permitting of commercial structures can be answered by contacting the Permit Supervisor at 337-291-8491 or the Building Official at 337-291-8485.