Residential Building Permit

Residential BuildingThis type of permit is required for a single family dwelling, a duplex, or almost any structure associated with a home, such as: a carport, gazebo, RV cover, and a fence that is over 7 feet high. There are exemptions for permitting certain structures associated with a home, such as: a playhouse or shed which is detached from a house that is no larger than 200 square feet that is on a movable foundation (piers or skids), note that setback regulations according to Zoning must be in compliance. Also, cosmetic work does not need a permit.

A structure that is built such as a metal building with steel columns, beams, girts, and purlins must have a permit and a wind load certificate. A structure that is built with conventional studs and corner bracing does not normally require a wind load certification.

Residential Plan Review involves meeting with a building inspector from the Department and reviewing your proposed plans for construction. While not a requirement for permitting of all residential structures at this time, it is advisable that you get a plan review to insure your home is being built to proper code.

Anyone can voluntarily request a Residential Plan Review. The associated cost is $50 above normal permit fees. A Residential Plan Review is required for self-contractors and newly registered contractors.

The Planning, Zoning and Development Department does not accept and issue building permits the same day. This process applies to: New Residential Construction, Residential Additions & Alterations, Swimming Pools and Sign Permits.

Please drop off your site plan (to scale on 8 1/2 x 11) and Residential Permit Application form to:

The Planning, Zoning, & Development Department
220 West Willow Street, Building B
Lafayette, LA 70501
Office hours are between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday
Upon application approval, you will be notified when you can purchase the permit.
This process will apply to lots in all approved subdivisions.
Approved Site Plans must be:
  • Drawn to Scale
  • Include Subdivision Name, Phase, Lot Number, and Street Address
  • Include ALL buildings on site and their relationship to property lines, streets, and/or easements.

To save you time, you can e-mail the application and site plan to the following address:

 (Site plan MUST be in PDF format only)

MOBILE HOME OWNERS: Effective May 16, 2011, all mobile home will be required to submit an application for a permit prior to moving a mobile home in Lafayette Parish.

Mobile Home Application

An example of the Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), as well as State Construction Storm Water Requirements and blank copies of the Notice of Termination, and Notice of Intent are available for your review prior to submitting your Residential Plan packet to the PZD office.