Codes Division

Codes Division
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The Codes Division of the Planning, Zoning, & Development Department is charged with the responsibility of implementing the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Codes so that everyone can be assured of a safe place to live, shop, be entertained and even to worship.

The Codes Division also acts as the permitting agency for Lafayette Consolidated Government in addition to implementing the Federal Flood Management Program.

More information pertaining to the new building code regulations can be found at the following websites:

Codes Division deals with the following functions:

General Information

Currently adopted codes by the State of Louisiana:

  • Building Codes
    International Building Code without chapters: 11, 27, & 29, 2015 Edition (IBC)
  • Residential Code
    International Residential Code, 2015 Edition (IRC) Without chapters: 25 thru 32

  • Plumbing Codes

    • International Plumbing Code, 2015 Edition (IPC) - with State Amendments

    • International Building Code, 2015 Edition (IBC) - with State Amendments

    • International Residential Code, 2015 Edition (IRC) - with State Amendments

  • Electrical Codes
    2014 Edition National Electric Code (NEC)

  • Gas Codes
    International Fuel/Gas Code, 2015 Edition (IFGC)

  • Mechanical Codes
    International Mechanical Code, 2015 Edition (IMC)

  • Existing Building Code
    International Existing Building Code, 2015 Edition (IEBC)

  • International Property Maintenance Code, 2006 Edition (IPMC)

To view State Code amendments:


  • Wind – 109 mph (3 – second gust) For International Residential Code Only
  • Seismic – negligible
  • Snow – negligible
  • WindSpeed Map For International Building Code Only