Rezoning Your Property

Phone: (337) 291-7341

The Unified Development Code regulates the use of property within the City of Lafayette. Zoning helps to maintain the character and stabilize property values of residential neighborhoods and encourages orderly commercial development. Information about particular zoning districts or the zoning classification of a particular area is available by telephone through the Planning Division at 337-291-7341. 

Unified Development Code (UDC) - As amended Dec. 2019 (for a listing of code amendments through 12/2019, click here.)

Zoning Map 

Rezoning, or zoning reclassification, is sometimes requested when a proposed use is not permitted in a property’s zoning district. The rezoning process includes public hearings before both the Lafayette Zoning Commission and the Lafayette City-Parish Council. The Commission makes a recommendation regarding the request to the Council; the Council makes the final decision whether a rezoning is in the best interest of the community. From the time a rezoning request is submitted, it will be approximately three months before a final decision is rendered.