Welcome to Lafayette - the heart and cultural center of Louisiana!

This website is the online home of Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG). The governing authority of LCG is the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Council, consisting of nine members elected from nine single member districts. The LCG chief executive is the Mayor-President. LCG’s governance structure is by home-rule charter which, in its current form, was voted on by the citizenry in 1992, and the governments were consolidated in 1996 following that vote.

The city of Lafayette, Louisiana is the parish seat of the Parish of Lafayette. According to the 2010 census, the City of Lafayette has 120,623 people. The 2010 census estimated the population of the parish to be 221,578.

The Lafayette area was first settled in 1763 by exiled Acadians from Nova Scotia (commonly called Cajuns). The parish was created on January 17, 1823 and covers a total of 277 square miles. The City of Lafayette was originally founded as Vermilionville in 1821 and later renamed Lafayette in 1884. The city was incorporated in 1914. The parish is located in the heart of Acadiana, an eight parish area in the center of southern Louisiana between New Orleans and Houston. 

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