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Lafayette Advisory Commission on Crime Prevention
"A Call to Service"

In every community across this nation, there are those individuals who answer the “Call to Service”. The Advisory Commission on Crime Prevention was established to aid the Lafayette Consolidated Government in improving the quality of life in our community by, addressing issues of Crime Prevention. The citizens that answer this call to duty and become members of this commission then explore means by which to make Lafayette Parish a better place to live.

Over the years, the commission has been the caretaker of McGruff the “Crime Dog”. As seen in the photo below, McGruff is a tool the Lafayette Police Department and others use to reach out to our children and convey the messages related to their safety and well-being.

The Commission promotes communication between the public and law enforcement agencies. We use the National Night Out event every August to bring the citizens of Lafayette Parish and all branches of Law Enforcement together, in an effort to exchange ideas and thoughts about crime prevention. This is not only a National Event, but also worldwide.

The Commission is addressing the concern of citizens that need 911 communications by gathering cell phones for distribution to those in need. This along with other projects such as the Neighborhood Watch program helps insure that Lafayette Consolidated Government is working daily to protect all who call Lafayette Parish home.

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