Engineering Division

Division Overview:

This section provides engineering support for the Operations Drainage, Streets, and Facilities Maintenance Divisions. Requests For Services are typically forwarded to Engineering to determine solutions to problems that are beyond routine maintenance and require a more in-depth solution. The Engineering section will survey and study the problem area and use this information to prepare a design to solve or alleviate a problem.

Division's Primary Operating Functions:

  • Develop detailed plans to provide solutions to drainage problems (e.g. roadside ditch profiles, coulee profiles, determine culvert sizes).
  • Survey new roads accepted into the LCG system and prepare a design for construction by in-house personnel.
  • Survey roads to determine additional right-of-way requirements for widening.
  • Determine LCG road rights-of-way for issues that develop.
  • Prepare Corps of Engineers permit applications for the Operations Division.
  • Prepare bridge repair plans and specifications for contracted projects.
  • Prepare survey plats for road right-of-way and drainage easements.
  • Responsible for administering an Off-Road Permitting Program, Corp of Engineer Permitting for in-house maintenance, a Citizens Advocacy Case Program, coordinates right-of-way acquisitions for in-house drainage maintenance projects, as well as maintains the Coulee and Lateral Base Maps and Historical Database files.