Civil Service


The primary purpose of Civil Service is to represent the public's interest in matters of personnel or human resources administration. The Civil Service System was created under Section 4-15 of the Home Rule Charter for Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government to:


  • Establish personnel guidelines for the administration of human resources within the government.
  • Establish uniform job descriptions and equitable pay ranges.
  • Administer employment tests to insure that all appointments and promotions shall be made on the basis of merit and fitness.
  • Establish and implement fair base pay and merit pay policies.
  • Hear appeals of discipline, termination, or denial of any right under the Charter or the rules of the Civil Service without just cause.
  • Eliminate political pressures on employees in the performance of their job or their voting rights.

The Civil Service department receives annual funding for salaries, administrative expenses, office space, furnishings and equipment in order to carry out the department's function under the Charter. The department consist of a classified civil service director, who is the executive head of the department, staff personnel and a civil service board, which is policy making and quasi-judicial in nature.
Administration/Appeals & Hearings
This division, headed by the Civil Service Director, is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the department which includes policy making, rule interpretation, development and use of valid pre-employment and promotional examinations, position classification and pay plan preparation and implementation. The director also serves as secretary to, and ex-officio member, of the Civil Service Board. Participates in the resolution of problems reported by employees, elected officials, and the general public as related to Civil Service, such as disciplinary actions, allegations of political activity, complaints about classification and pay of positions.
Recruitment and Examination
This division is responsible for developing, administering, scoring, and distributing results of employment and promotional examinations. Under the direction of the Examination Analyst, this division also aids in the recruitment of employees through participation in job fairs, advertisements and relations with colleges, universities, technical schools, trade associations and private companies.
This division is responsible for the position classification and compensation activities of the Civil Service Office. The Senior/Compensation Analyst is the head of this division and has supervisory responsibilities over a Compensation Analyst. The major responsibilities are:
  • Researches and identifies tasks, duties, responsibilities and qualifications of positions.
  • Prepares job descriptions, classification studies, evaluation, position classification and pay range assignments.
  • Conducts compensation studies, identify market trends, design and analysis of salary surveys.
  • Assists in the preparation of pay plans, pay structures and pay raise mechanisms.

Support Personnel
An Administrative Assistant and two Personnel/Records Management Clerks provide overall clerical and administrative support to each division. The Personnel/Records Management Clerks provide most assistance to the Examination/Recruitment division. Clerical and administrative support are provided by the Administrative Assistant to the Administration and Classification divisions.