Office of Finance and Management

Our Mission Finance and Management

To Provide Excellent financial management, reporting and support to the Lafayette Consolidated Government and the citizens of the city and parish of Lafayette.

The key role of the Office of Finance & Management is to provide for the development and oversight of programs and procedures for overall financial management, financial reporting, accounting, budgeting and budget management, purchasing, and property/inventory management and compliance.

The Department provides financial support and reporting services for all departments in Consolidated Government as well as for the citizens of Lafayette. This experienced team of financial professionals is directly responsible for financial management, including system design, development and maintenance, development, revision, and implementation of financial policies, and assistance to the President and Council by interpreting financial data and trends. Additionally, they are responsible for recommendations on funding solutions, internal control design and compliance, debt management, the multi-year Capital Financing Plan, cost analyses and recommendations, rate analyses and recommendations, and bond rating and other financial presentations.

The divisions of the Office of Finance & Management work together to provide excellent financial management and support to the LCG and the citizens of the City and Parish of Lafayette.


Lorrie R. Toups, CPA, CGFO, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer's Staff

  • Melinda Felps, Controller
  • Laura Grettner, Financial Analyst
  • Emily Beard, Director's Executive Secretary
    Phone: (337) 291-8201
    Fax: (337) 291-8310




Budget Management


 Purchasing & Property Management

  • Thomasina Oliver, CPPO, Purchasing and Property Manager
    Phone: (337) 291-8258
    Fax: (337) 291-8269

 Risk Management

  • Suzanne Siner, Risk and Insurance Manager
    Phone: (337) 291-8096
    Fax: (337) 291-8833


Group Insurance & Wellness

  • Vickie Opper, Group Health & Wellness Supervisor
    Phone: (337) 291-8292
    Fax: (337) 291-8087