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Your Fire Department

The Ways we Protect Your Quality of Life
We protect you from a wide range of emergencies including: fires, medical (we perform CPR, use AED’s and are trained to a first responder level-for minor first aid), rescue and extrication (we’ll remove you form your mangled car after an accident), and hazardous materials (flammables, poisons, corrosives, etc.) emergencies. The department also protects its citizens through code enforcement and arson investigation programs. Also Lafayette fire department has a communication division that dispatches both the city fire  

Divisions and Sections:


Mission Statement
To safeguard and reduce the dangers to life, property and the environment through innovative training, code enforcement and prompt dispatch of a qualified fire suppression force.

We’ve been here for a while.
Your Lafayette fire department has been here, with a history of protecting you for over one hundred years.

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Contact Information

E-mail Addresses:


Office Phone Numbers:

  • Administration 337-291-8701
  • Training 337-291-5506


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Current Projects

  • ISO / PIAL Rating Year
  • Two new Fire Department Pumpers were delivered in November.
  • We await delivery on two new Aerial Apparatus


Biographical Information 

Click here to see Chief Robert Benoit’s Biography

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Involvement with the Community

  • Each year the fire department provides resources for and participates in the CPR certification event held at the Cajundome.
  • Members who participate in fundraising activates for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  • Involved in a program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana.
  • Provides assistance to uninsured residents who suffer the loss of a fire.


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