Legal Department

Greg Logan, City-Parish Attorney

The City-Parish Attorney is responsible for providing legal representation and support services to all areas of the City-Parish Government, including: 

1. Serving as chief legal advisor to the City-Parish President, the Consolidated Council and all governmental departments, commissions, offices and agencies.

2. Reporting directly to the City-Parish President as appropriate relative to the legal matters of the City-Parish Government. 

3. Representing Consolidated Government in all legal proceedings and other matters.

4. Preparation or approval of contracts or other agreements to which the Consolidated Government or any of its departments, commissions, offices or agencies is a party.

5. Directing the activities of the Legal Department and its staff in order to discharge the duties assigned to the City-Parish Attorney.

6. Meeting its staffing needs with part-time contract attorneys who serve as Assistant City-Parish Attorneys in order to provide legal services as requested or directed by the City-Parish Attorney.

7. Working through the City Prosecutor’s office to prosecute all matters brought before Lafayette City Court.

8. Ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency in legal services provided to all City-Parish Government departments, commissions, offices and agencies, and generating positive results through effective legal representation.

9. Maintaining internal controls to regulate the activities of the Legal Department.