Parks and Recreation


To provide the citizens of Lafayette Parish the opportunity to participate in a wholesome environment in which they can experience a leisure time that is diversionary in character, and to assist in promoting entertainment, pleasure, relaxation and other physical and mental development.

The Parks & Recreation Department operates under the structure of five (5) divisions. These divisions are entrusted with the maintenance and oversight of approximately 1500 acres of parkland. The listing of the facilities includes 36 parks, 10 recreation centers, 4 swimming pools, 3 golf courses, 2 tennis centers and numerous additional activity and program fields. The divisions are:

Director’s Office, (337) 291-8374
The Director’s Office is responsible for the administrative and financial policies for the department. This division has a total of 5 employees.

Athletic Programs / Therapeutic Recreation / Parks Maintenance
The primary objective of this division is the upkeep and maintenance of the recreation facilities. Additionally, the athletic staff works with volunteers in designated neighborhoods to provide youth programs. The staff, in conjunction with the recreation center supervisors, coordinates adult athletic programs. The tennis and swimming programs operate their programs in this division.

Recreation Centers/Programs: 
Royal Hill, Jr., Centers Manager
The 10 recreation centers are utilized for youth and adult athletic programs, as well as for community meetings, receptions, socials, balls and pageants. Summer enrichment and holiday camps are conducted in the centers. 

Golf Courses:
Les Vieux Chenes: Todd Robertson, Manager
Wetlands: David Gary, Manager

Jay & Lionel Hebert: Wayne Wills, Manager
The 3 municipal courses serve as the host to over 50 benefit golf tournaments annually. Golf associations are established at all three courses and the members contribute to the enhancement of the facilities. Clinics are conducted for the youth during the summer months.

From The Director's Office:
The Department of Parks and Recreation continues to have “customer service” as a top priority for all interactions with the program participants and volunteers. I want to thank our loyal and dedicated employees who continue to excel and meet the challenges associated with providing quality programming and service. Additionally, we want to acknowledge the continued leadership of the Recreation Advisory Commission. With their guidance, the department continues to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Lafayette Parish. And, finally, the members of the Lafayette City & Parish Councils approved the funding which enabled the department to complete projects and implement new programs.

As in the past, we want to express our sincere appreciation to all of the individuals who continue to volunteer and positively impact our success in Parks and Recreation. It is my honor to direct the efforts of the staff and I look forward to continued, productive relations.



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